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Radiation Injury: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
by John Ruhland, ND

Dr. Ruhland and the HBOT chamber
photo: Demian
Each year, there are roughly 1.2 million new cases of invasive cancer. About half of these receive radiation which is meant to kill the cancer. Radiation oncologists typically expect up to 5 percent of their patients to develop severe reactions to radiation treatment itself. These negative effects are compounded when chemotherapy is also used.

Acute reactions occur during or soon after irradiation, and almost always resolve with time. They are treated according to the patient’s specific symptoms.

Chronic complications occur months-to-years after irradiation, and usually worsen with time. These primarily result from scarring and narrowing of the blood vessels. Due to the lack of oxygen, chronic complications can progress to cause destruction of the tissue around the affected vessels.

Chronic radiation damage is called “osteoradionecrosis” when the bone is damaged and “soft tissue radionecrosis” when skin, muscle or organs are damaged.

Since the 70s, surgeons have recognized the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in treating radiation damage, especially in the jaw bone, where HBOT produced the most dramatic benefits. It is also used to treat damage to the brain, face, throat, chest wall, abdomen, pelvis, bladder, and intestine.

HBOT therapy involves placing the client in an oxygen-rich, pressured environment. Each healing treatment usually involves 30-40 daily treatments of one-to-two hours each.

Note: We are a Naturopathic office in Washington State; treating cancer is outside of our scope of practice.
We can offer complementary care for patients under an oncologist’s care. Simply bring in a note from the
oncologist stating that they are providing ongoing care for cancer. Please also bring a note that you give
Dr. Ruhland permission to communicate with the oncologist by phone and email.

November 23, 2003


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